Tuesday, August 17, 2010

They say the road to a friend’s house is never long……

 .......but what they don’t say, is it might be dangerous.   We headed to the van to go to our first clan meeting of “Rhonda”, the newest clan  After sizing up the situation some of us returned for flip flops.  The road was becoming washed away as we drove, but looking at the faces of everyone watching us “what are the crazy mzungus doing now’’ we kept going.  When the van  stalled out completely we started seriously considering if visiting today was a good idea.  Because of George’s optimism, and mechanical skills and Abba’s coaching we were finally on the road again.  Arriving at Lawrence’s one room hut we were escorted over a bridge of stones to a greeting of many smiling faces.  It was truly a trip worth making.  We had a time of praise, prayer and teaching after which we were served cups of hot chai and bread.  After a final blessing on this sweet home we again crossed the bridge of stones. ….yes the road was dangerous but  so worth it to be with our friends.

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  1. Joy! Marcia and I are so proud of you and your love for the Lord and His people. (I thought the hair was great!) We are praying for all of you for safety and fruitfulness. We love you!